The Denim Shirt.

I get on kicks where I obsess over a particular look or item. These days it's the denim dress shirt. A number of months back, I purchased my first of what has since become many denim shirts. I started with one from Charles Tyrwhitt. The shirt I purchased was advertised as dark blue chambray -... Continue Reading →


A Conversation On Food + Style.

Back when I was in college at LIU Post (back then known as CW Post) I became friends with a guy named John through our mutual appreciation for clothing. I worked at J.Crew at the time. John was a customer, and also a classmate. He'd come by the store. We'd chat about clothes and various... Continue Reading →

As I Near Forty.

I remember thinking about 40 when my dad turned 40. The thought was 40 is old. Now, as I am set to turn 40 in about 5 1/2 weeks my thought is that I don't look as old as I perceived my dad to look at this age. I'm sure (I know) he thought the... Continue Reading →

This Is How I Roll.

I hope everyone had a great 4th! Today most of us head back to work after a nice, relaxing 4-day (or in my case, 2-day plus a half day, then another off day) weekend. While we may have worn airy shorts and tees or polos during those days, it's time to put back on the... Continue Reading →

Wear the Hat. Eat the Hat.

Happy Father's Day to all my fellow dads! Took my wife and little girl to the Mets game today. I'm not typically one to wear full team gear when I go to a game. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I prefer to stick to one piece at a time. Usually it's a... Continue Reading →

Tailored Casual.

I have been writing about food and clothes for a long time. Both are passions of mine. But over the years, like many my tastes have changed. When once I was satisfied with Old Navy jeans, and Taco Bell, today I couldn't imagine either making me look or feel good.  Today, as I bring to... Continue Reading →

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