Tailored Casual.

I have been writing about food and clothes for a long time. Both are passions of mine. But over the years, like many my tastes have changed. When once I was satisfied with Old Navy jeans, and Taco Bell, today I couldn’t imagine either making me look or feel good. 

Today, as I bring to the world my new blog adventure I found myself embracing and enjoying two of my latest passions; tailored casual clothes, and kale salad with cold soba noodles. 

It’s Friday. I work in an office by myself, occasionally leaving to visit clients. Today was not one of those days, but since I could be called upon at the drop of a hat I wore items that wouldn’t make me look out of place in one of their offices while still maintaining a sense of professional flair. 

This also happens to be the second time this week I got this for lunch. It’s filling and delicious, and healthy! 

And that’s what this blog is going to be about – clothes and food. Sometimes together, sometimes not. And I’ll add some ambience – music, mostly. And also drinks. And some travel. Because they all intertwine. 

There you have it. Cut + Basted. Please continue to visit. And follow my Instagram posts. 



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