A Conversation On Food + Style.

Back when I was in college at LIU Post (back then known as CW Post) I became friends with a guy named John through our mutual appreciation for clothing. I worked at J.Crew at the time. John was a customer, and also a classmate. He’d come by the store. We’d chat about clothes and various girls at school. Started hanging out outside of school.

After school I saw John sporadically until we lost touch. A few years back I noticed John and his wife had moved to my neighborhood in Brooklyn. We met up for a drink, and in the past year have started hanging out more regularly again brought together through our interests in clothes and food (and now parenthood.)

I met up with John today as he prepared to become a dad to have some lunch, discuss our recent sample sale acquisitions, and to help get him psyched up about parenthood (not necessary – he’s pretty stoked!)

We went to Kogane Ramen in Brooklyn Heights – I place I have passed many times, but had never gone in. I regret that I waited so long, but oh man was it worth the wait. We started with pork jowl buns which come with pickles and a tangy and slightly spicy sauce. As we finished our steaming bowls of ramen arrived.

John got the Red Tonkotsu Ramen made with pork broth, pork belly, and red chili paste (white bowl.) I got the Spicy Miso Ramen made with a combination of pork bone and miso broth with minced pork, spicy miso paste, and mushrooms. What both dishes had in common (besides the soft boiled egg) was the noodles. There are a lot of them, and they are good!

Proud Papa-To-Be shows off his noodles!

I’ve had many friend over the years come into and go out of my life. Two of my closet friends I’ve know for over 30 years. Sometimes we just connect with people who share common interests. And for some of us those interests food and clothes (and growing families.)



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