The Denim Shirt.

I get on kicks where I obsess over a particular look or item. These days it’s the denim dress shirt.

A number of months back, I purchased my first of what has since become many denim shirts. I started with one from Charles Tyrwhitt. The shirt I purchased was advertised as dark blue chambray – not denim. It is a nice color and fits well, but did not have that special denim quality.

My next purchase was from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece. I again went with a darker denim, but in a more casual style. It has a button collar instead of a spread. I love this shirt. I love it so much that I went back and bought it again in lighter denim. (see above) But due to my rather large neck, I could not ever wear this with a tie, and hence the shirts are relegated to more dress casual situations. Not a bad thing.

So I continued my search. Found a nice, yet simple option at Nordstrom Rack. I bought it, and I’ve worn it. It serves a purpose, but I don’t love it. And that’s where Spier & Mackay stepped in.

I had never purchased a Spier & Mackay shirt before. People on certain forums rave about them. My only experience had been with a jacket that I returned (too short & tight) and a pair of chinos that I wear and love. I took to the forum to inquire about fit, then pulled the trigger. I ordered the lighter denim in their Slim Fit, size 16 1/2. Upon receiving it, I noticed it had all the features I was seeking – heavy yet soft denim cloth, strong spread collar that can be worn with or without a tie, heavy white buttons, and those distinctive denim stress marks that can only come from real denim. The final verdict? Winner! One issue – the sleeves. S&M has recently introduced sleeve sizes with their shirts, but their denim shirts did not come with such an option. I have a local tailor that was able to shorten them while keeping all the original features. But it cost me almost as much as the shirt. So, I probably won’t buy another one until they are available with the shorter sleeve lengths.

I’m wearing my new favorite shirt tonight with my Proper Cloth navy suit, no tie, silk pocket square, no belt, and Hugo Boss shoes. Taking my daughter to the Princess Ball at the local Y. She wanted me to dress up. Who am I to argue?



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